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People keep saying that Apple is behind in AI, yet the first 40 minutes (as far as I have got so far) is full of AI being implemented in useful ways.

I think this is the big problem, Apple, and Google, have both integrated lots of AI into their operating systems and apps, yet, because they don’t show an LLM hallucinating, they “have missed the AI boat”.

I’ve long said, the LLM is a problem looking for a problem, but there are lots of areas where AI can make real differences. I am happy that companies like Apple and Google are putting AI to good use, as opposed to bringing useless chat bots that provide the wrong information most of the time. I’ve used several chat and LLM bots over the last 18 months or so and I haven’t used any of them for more than about 10 minutes, before they prove they are useless at what they are designed to do, yet I use the AI built into many tools on a daily basis.

WatchOS - I like being able to pause the rings. At the moment, if I am ill, for example, I go through and reduce the rings for the duration of the illness, to keep me hitting the reduced goal - instead of 1.5 hours activity a day and over 900 calories, I’ll drop it down to 20 minutes and 400 calories, to be easily achievable goals, despite being ill.

I hope the weather prediction improves. I usually look out the window at the rain, yet Apple Weather says it is sunny and 0% chance of rain today… :frowning:

Edit: @Leo 43 minutes in and they haven’t said the “word” AI once, yet they have shown dozens of features using AI to give useful tools and results. I think this is the difference between, say Microsoft and OpenAI, they are just about the LLM and inaccurate chat bots, whilst (up until recently) Google, and Apple have just been about quietly implementing the AI where it is needed.

I prefer this “put AI in, where it can do something useful” to the LLM hype of push a chat bot that can’t tell whether it is telling the truth or not at everything and see what sticks.

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I was overall bored by the WWDC presentation this year. But I loved that opening with the airplane.

I was unhappy how they gave iPad users nothing to be excited about

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And, typical Apple, I’m sitting here, looking out the window at torrential rain and the Weather app is still swearing blind, that it is just cloudy and there is 0% chance of rain today! I’m glad I packed the rain gear for my ride home anyway, today!


As a Canadian, I also wish Apple’s weather data was as impressive here as it (allegedly?) is in the US.

I’ve been using Hello Weather since 2018 and the data source I like is Accuweather


LOL - @Leo side comment about VisionPro for trains, when he said “Next Year: Horse and carriage support” really cracked me up. I had to rewind and watch it again, it was that funny - at least to me, anyway. :slight_smile:

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LOL, just downloaded Hello Weather, the free version uses Apple Weather as a source.

It is showing 59% chance of rain (it just stopped 2 minutes ago), but Apple Weather itself is still saying 0% chance of rain today!

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oh that’s very funny, I never knew that! it makes sense though, since they pay for the data sources they support, and I imagine for free users it’s cheapest to go with Apple. I never thought about that. I’ve been paying since I started using it since there were a handful of features I wanted that cost money. I actually rarely think about the cost as I believe I pay like $5 a year.

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The current price is $1.99 a month or $12.99 a year.

hahahahahaha I use the iOS Accuweather app. :+1:

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LOL - Ok, Accuweather for iOS is very accurate - I’m gonna pull down the Apple weather app and compare the 2 for a few days - let you know

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Apple Weather is very accurate in the US. It got a super upgrade when Apple gobbled up Dark Sky who was very good in the US.

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so far today, Accuweather and Apple Weather have been pretty much right on here in NorCal

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wow…thats cool and its 103 F here right now

The one problem with Passwords from Apple is that it is linked to your Apple account. I use a Mac and iPhone at home with my account, at work, I have an iPhone, Mac and Windows with a separate account and domain accounts.

With 1Password, I can use the same safe on all those devices, or have separate work and private safes available on all devices, regardless of which user is logged in.

The Apple Passwords is great, if you only need to use one account. I’d also like to see the family / work sharing facilities for sharing passwords, that is one of the best features of 1Password and other password managers.

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I was really hoping they were going to announce that it was available as an extension for windows users. I use Bitwarden on my work windows PC. If there was an apple passwords extension I’d spring for that, but I don’t want to install all of icloud on my work machine.

I had dropped icloud+ and was using Synology Photos and manual backups of my phone and ipad. This keynote made me resubscribe and reupload alllll my photos to icloud. The ecosystem works very well when it’s all tied together, I can’t wait to see what all this actually means to users.