New forums look great!

And did you notice there is DARK MODE!!! :slight_smile:



Looks great…Well done!

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No need to worry about making this forum dark, just click the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the window and you’ll see a variety of themes you can apply. Both Dark and Vincent are nice and dark! The default theme is Graceful.


See if @JeffJarvis will like it

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Is there something stopping one from changing out of Dark mode once that is chosen?

I chose dark mode to see what it would look like, but now don’t see the option to change the theme anymore??

I feel like I must be missing something simple??

OH! I found a workaround at least! if you go to the Profile page, you can get to the theme settings in there… but it is no longer showing in the hamburger menu…

Yeah I’ll check into that. It’s a plug-in and I may have to change some settings. Sorry!

UPDATE: I don’t see anywhere to fix it - it must be a bug. The good news is these plug-ins update automatically. Until it’s fixed you can do it the normal way: Click your icon -> Click your name on the pop-up menu -> select Preferences -> select Interface. Choose a theme you like!

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Really enjoying the forums here. Like what had been mentioned before on air that the forums can bring those of us that are not able to join in live and in the IRC chat a place to talk about episodes and more.

Ah I figured it out @ajdowns! The Theme Component has to be installed individually into each theme. It has now. So if you use the manual method to change themes you should see a choice of themes in the Hamburger menu from now on.


Just wanted to reflect a bit… When was in school, we developed on solaris boxes which were 100% ‘dark mode’ all the time. Wondering why it has taken so long for something to become mainstream that devleopers have been benifting from for years? :slight_smile:

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I love them too!

I developed on a Solaris workstation for 10 years, and never once saw a dark mode. I suspect you had someone local on your site that like it and customized the user defaults that way.

What software is used for this community? I like the tool and want to know if it is available on the market (costs?).

@HollandHere it’s Discourse - open source written in Ruby, and easily the nicest forum software I’ve used. It’s strongly opinionated about how communities should be run, but I think it’s well thought out. You can serve it yourself or let them host it (that’s what I’m doing).


Agreed. I’ve used Xenforo, FuseTalk, vBulletin (that became a mess, unfortunately), phpBB, and a few others - some on the admin/mod side - and this is easily the cleanest UI/UX and most mobile-responsive. It does have a few quirks, but nit hard to adapt to.