Need to convert old VHS tapes to MP4

Looking for a way to convert just a few old VHS tapes to MP4. I no longer have a VCR and would prefer not to buy one just to accomplish the task. These are educational videos of no value that contain copyrighted material for software that has not been in use for 30 years. I’m assuming that Kodak, Legacy Box, ComcastDVD, Walgreens, etc all will not help me since these were commercial releases, albeit decades ago. Any experience with copyright materials with any of these services. My goal is only to retain personal digital copies. No pirating, profiting, etc. I paid for these items originally. Any thoughts or suggestions on all of this? Thanks.

If you have a local store that offers this service I would just bring them in. I really doubt that some kid behind the counter is going to care about theoretical copyright concerns for these old commercial releases.

Thanks. I just discovered that Costco provides a copyright waiver form that I can sign.

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