Need some help from community

Hi what hi for get what there called can I put on my moms metropcs zte zmax pro 891 it’s unlocked also anything small size if can she not tech savvy as I am any help I love it to make it easier for here I did unlock phone so can use it on different carriers

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Hello Raymond. I’d really like to help you, but I’m very sorry to say I can’t quite decode the question. You want to help your mom out on her phone, I get that, but I’m not sure what it is you want help with? Are you talking about apps to install? Or did you wonder about putting the phone on a new or different carrier? Please try giving us a little more info so we can help you better.


What I mean is there an easier hi for here I can get from google play store forget what called on Android, she has a zte zmax 891 it’s unlocked so she can use it on any carrier she likes did unlock for here what recamend

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Hi Ray. It’s this bit I think we are struggling with…

'Is there an easier ? for her I can get from Google Play Store



Yes, what is a “hi” ?

He must be using a translator of some kind that is not quite working…

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No I have autism higher up


What I mean is what launcher can I use p, for my mom she non tech for got what called sorry. I did unlocked my moms zte zmax pro 881 to use on different carrier before I gave here it I bought the one plus one on eBay for my self. Any help 8 love it if can small in size, since only 32 gig in it

You can put any launcher you would like, as for ones that are simple or for older or visually impaired people here are a few at these links. Any of them should work on a ZTE Zmax Pro.


Ok ty just forgot the turn used sorry anyone else looking now


You are very welcome, I hope you are able to accomplish what you set out to do.

Oh OK… I am glad you were able to make your question clear…

Those launchers look interesting. I’d also consider putting something like the Nova launcher on. You can really customise the interface then, make it simpler, increase icon sizes to 150%, and once done save the config to a backup file if you ever need to restore it. You can also lock the layout, so people can’t accidentally drag icons around.