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Hi name is ray I have a ipad 9.7 5th gen I’m a online college student. Here is my question, I. In class started on mar 18 called Applications of College Algebra what calculators do you recamend I can use on my iPad for class? I have higher spectrum autism math my worst Subject need it for cyber security

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Hi, Ray!
I’m checking in with my friend James Thomson who makes the excellent PCalc. Going to see if he recommends it for college algebra. Stay tuned!


James says since it’s not an expression-based calculator, PCalc isn’t a good choice for algebra.

I did find a well-rated, full-featured graphing calculator app called Graphing Calculator Pro 2. It’s available in the App Store for $4.99 — much less expensive than a physical graphing calculator. The developer also makes an app to help with understanding high school math topics like Algebra and Precalculus. It’s called High School Math - Calculus and is also available for $4.99.

Hope that helps, Ray! Wishing you all the best in your studies. Thank you for the mention, @MacPhyle!



If you need more help with learning, check this out:

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This is a hard one. Calculators tend to be a personal preference thing. And Math for a cyber security degree seems like something you just have to struggle though and pass as best you can. Be proactive, and find a tutor if you really need it. It really is funny how sometime in the future, you may find you actually use the math you struggle to learn.

I have used an HP41 since they came out in the late 80s. It uses a system called RPN, Reverse Polish Notation, which some find difficult to grasp, but becomes second nature if you choose to use it. Offer on App Store as i41CX. Programmable. Used it for actual rocket science and orbit mechanics for many years.