Need car charger advice for iPhone 14 pro

so my old iPhone car charger (have no idea how old it is) is not charging my new iphone 14 pro, fast enough. I need recommendations of one that plugs into the cigarette lighter that fast charges it. Is there such a device ?

Thx Twit fam

I use the Spigen Magsafe car charger. No idea whether it is fast charging, but it usually charges from 80% to 95% on the run to the supermarket at the weekend. The limiting factor is the 12V port in the car.

Spigen do various versions for Tesla and Ford F150, for example, but I have an old Nissan, so I bought the universal fitting for the air vent.

Wireless will be slower though. If you’re after fast charging, I’d use a 20W charger. I use Anker. They actually do a 67W one for not much more money if you want to future proof or charge laptops.

Edit - checked mine yesterday, it’s a 50W one, been reliable with no issues.

thank you for this. I will certainly check this out.

thank you for this. I will look into this