Need a way to Block Fake Email

In Yahoo mail, Lately been getting fake email that use fake randomized return address and claims like congrats you won a contest or your antivirus has expired. I tried setting mail filters on the subject line or the email body however the subject line does not have specific enough wording and the body of the email is a graphic image so there is no text to filter on. Any ideas on a way to set a filter to block these fakes.

Are you using Yahoo’s webmail exclusively or do you use a mail client such as Thunderbird or Outlook? A mail client will probably have more advanced filtering capabilities than Yahoo’s webmail.

Unfortunately your question has spawned a multi-billion dollar market over the last 30 years so there probably won’t be an easy solution. These bad actors craft their messages specifically to defeat filtering attempts so you’ll probably always end up with some spam in your inbox.

FWIW I’m an user and I’m pleased with their built-in filtering. Maybe time for a switch.

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I am using Yahoo mail and no client. I’ll take a look at Thunderbird and Outlook. Do you know if when setting a Yahoo mail filter that the filter works if any condition is met or do all conditions have to be met? The Yahoo help does not explain precisely how the filter works. Thanks

I’d guess that yahoo mail is as good as it’s going to get. Most people stopped using them back when they had their massive data breach and it was uncovered how poor their security was.

You can link your yahoo account to Gmail for example which should be better at filtering, other free and paid for email services will probably do something similar.

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Sorry, not a Yahoo user so I’m not sure how their filters are supposed to work.