Nanny state of cars

Seems like all the computer control and monitoring in our cars these days simply takes away our need to be responsible for taking care of them.
Have a 2008 VW Tiguan tdi vehicle. Started getting a message when turning on engine “Oil sensor warning. Workshop”.
Checked the oil level, no problem. Called dealer, had to make an appointment to get problem diagnosed. Said I know what problem is, oil level sensor is bad. Cost $200 and whole day car in shop for them to call and literally say “you were right”. Then, had to make another appointment to have sensor replaced at cost of additional $850.00.
Oh for the good old days when you learned to check the oil when you filled up with fuel, and when you could go to the auto parts store, buy the part you need, and spend a few hours on your back under the engine.
But, cars cost $2-3k then.
OK Boomer!

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