Musk has decided to try to back out of Twitter purchase

Musk has decided he’s done bumbling around the Twitter purchase and has now filed a bunch of BS in an attempt to claim Twitter didn’t co-operate with him. (They never really had to, since he waived due diligence, but they still co-operated more than he did.)

With the “specific performance” aspects of the purchase agreement and his decision to waive due diligence, I really hope Twitter fights this in court, and causes him enough financial damage that he has to sell enough stock (or the companies themselves) that he ceases to control the companies. He’s such a moronic, pompous, ass, that he needs to look like the clown he is and be forced to go live in a cave somewhere to hide from irate stock holders intent on murdering him.


I agree. He waived due diligence then wanted to do due diligence. Twitter should take him to court.

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I highly recommend three great podcasts on this story - all three from the Opening Arguments podcast:

I’m trying to get Andrew on TWiT to explain what happens next.


Matt Levine over on Bloomberg’s opinion column is my favorite read of the situation - Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

I hope Musk has to pay out the nose for this one. Enough of these hijinks. He’s the Howard Hughes of our generation.