Monitor Recommendations

Currently own a 2018 Mac Mini and looking for suggestions for a monitor. Looking for a 27" monitor that costs no more than $300 USD PLUS what connection method should I use (HDMI/Thunderbolt, etc). Your input is appreciated.

What’s your use case? Will a high refresh rate be more beneficial to you than a high resolution?

I’d recommend HDMI for wider compatibility, in case you end up connecting a device that doesn’t have Thunderbolt connectivity. It’ll also be much easier to find a display with HDMI rather than Thunderbolt.

I’m using a Monoprice 27" similar to this one -
I like Monoprice’s dead pixel warranty, and their hardware looks pretty nice IMO. I’m primarily using it for gaming so the 144hz refresh rate and FreeSync suppport was important for me. If it wasn’t for that I probably would have gone with a 4k display at the standard 60hz refresh rate. Or an ultrawide if I was going to be watching a lot of cinema on it.

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FWIW I use a HP Pavilion 27q 27-inch QHD 2k 1440p IPS LED Monitor. I have it hooked up to my iMac via HDMI but I use a USB-C hub. It’s just a few $ above $300.

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