Mic pop screen question

In outfitting my own home videoconferencing space, I’m trying to figure out my pop-screen situation; I have a clamp-on one that’s way too big and clumsy; I’ve always loved the small, round, grey pop shields I see Leo and others using on their mic set-ups – but I can’t seem to find them anytime I look around; what is the brand?

Don’t know the actual answer, @Leo will probably have to supply that, but this looks similar?

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The wiki says that they used the BSW RE27POP Filter at the Brickhouse I assume they are still using those. Just curious, what mic are you using?

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Thanks for both leads – though the Zen link is $10 cheaper!

My mic: nothing fancy - an M-Audio USB Producer I’ve had for many years…

Have you used it yet? Are you actually experiencing any issues? Try without it first you might notice that you don’t need it. What GPU does your computer have?