MeWe - Social Media

#deletefacebook is trending on twitter right now and I saw a bunch of mentions about MeWe. I checked it out, haven’t installed it yet just read up about the owner and creation.

I don’t think I’ve heard it talked about on TWiT anytime soon, nor have I heard about it. The latest Social Media app I’ve discovered was Vero. Anyone use MeWe? Any opinions?

I tried that, and also Minds. Neither impressed. I still use Twitter and Nextdoor, and I’m still on FB at an extremely limited rate for work reasons, but really, this right here is my favorite social network! :heart_eyes:

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It does seem very Facebook like. I do love how it’s split up into Communities and Groups like G+ was, including group chats for the groups you’re in. That is pretty slick. And of course the chronological timeline, and no ads are wonderful. The internet tells me they were adding 30k users a month in 2018 however it of course seems to be suffering from the same problem all social media apps do - nobody I know is using it.