Medication: generic vs brand name

How can this happen? In the photo below, the top box is the “brand” name medication and the bottom one is the generic Both are supplied by the same pharmaceutical company; both meds look exactly the same; the branded one costs $10 more - the pharmacy didn’t have stock of the “generic” so i had to go with that branded one. It is meds I have to take every day so a $10 difference per month adds up if I went with the branded one all the time.

Can’t see it in the pic, where was the generic made?

If it’s the same country then you should check with government authorities because this seems to be fraud.

Every time I’ve had a generic vs. brand name in the USA it has been totally different manufacturers. However I could see manufacturing country be the difference between a brand name and generic version of the same drug.

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Same country. Just weird. Both are subsidised by the Pharmaceuticals Benefits Scheme in Australia. Just don’t understand how the same company makes the brand name version and generic.

I have a feeling that many manufacturers make a named brand and a generic version but there are many manufacturers that only make generic brands. Another issue with generics is that they don’t have to be exactly the same in the amount of medically active ingredients…they are allowed in some cases to be up to 10% variable to still be classified as equivalent! To me, 10% can be a significant difference.

You are lucky that the price difference was only $10.00. I’ve had to purchase name brands that charged more than $50.00 higher! Did you talk to a pharmacist about it? I use the same pharmacy and know the people there and they know me and will often tell me insider secrets, so to speak. You can find great pharmacists that will give you the information your seeking and see if it’s legal. Also ask if they are able to go to bat for you when this happens since it’s not your fault. They may be able to get insurance to cover the name brand or only require you to pay the generic price. It’s worth a shot.

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I have no knowledge or expertise in this area, but being that the non-generic is made in Germany (according to your pic) it would be more expensive on import alone, no? I wonder if it’s the case that your IP laws in Australia are different than the ones in Germany and perhaps the patent in Australia has expired but not in Germany, say?

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The generic is made in Germany too. The only difference is one has the brand name on the front of the packaging and blister packs.

No, didn’t talk to pharmacist. Only just noticed that they were the same manufacturer as I usually just get the generic.

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Does the generic have a different name? If it is generic, it can’t carry the registered name.

Looking at the photo, which only shows the address and manufacturing location, but not the brand names, I’d hazard a guess that neither is generic, but one is made abroad (the top package says made in Germany) and is therefore subject to import duties, whilst the locally manufactured version is not.

Maybe the local plant had problems keeping up with demand and they had to import stock from the mothership, temporarily…

Edit: Sorry, sounds like you said both are generic. But the import duty as the reason for the price difference still holds.

The generic is basically the drug compound name. Just confusing. I guess the compound is out of patent, but the manufacturer still produces the branded name for those who prefer that and charge more, even though it’s the same. I don’t understand the pharma business and I used to work for one.

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