MBW 829: The Keyser Söze Model

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Was this show hosted by the Usual Suspects?



Hosted by Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Andy Ihnatko, Jason Snell

It is still queued up on my podcast list, but the link above says yes^^

Edit: Groan, that’ll teach me to reply, before reading the title of the show :smiley:

On the discussion about retaining records and the DHS/Secret Service losing their messages when they upgraded their MDM. In the industries I’ve worked in you have voice and SMS/MMS recorders that log and timestamp every interaction in an independent system. This is then used if an incident needs reviewing, there’s an issue with a trade, a complaint comes in etc.

Amazed governments aren’t using the same type of systems. They seem to have manual logs of calls (that you can decide not to complete) and are using consumer messaging systems?

We aren’t allowed to record conversations, SMS etc. without both parties giving consent and you can only use the recordings for the purposes you explicitly listed, when gaining consent.

E.g. if you “record for the purposes of staff training and improving customer service,” you cannot later use them in negotiations, court etc. for example, because you didn’t mention that when getting consent.

The law is so complex, we don’t record anything - all recording is disabled in Teams, for example.

It’s in the job spec for being a control engineer or trader, so part of the job.

I tend to favor myself a republican, but if they republican administration deleted these text/imessage conversations I feel like some people should be facing some hard scrutiny/possible jail time. If this was done after the administration change and was done by the incoming “Democrats” I doubt this, but just theorizing…Then why would they do so? Again whomever is responsible for deleting all this data should face some stiff penalties. No Party excluded.

How would you know???

Fun fact: A Cocktail of Headwinds is one of the titles for the remaining Song of Ice and Fire books. :slight_smile:

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