MBW 811: Hands Off My Flappy Bird

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Glad you edited out the segment discussing messaging interoperability when Alex realized he should not or could not elaborate on some details he let slip out. Leo’s obvious reaction became emotional to the point of unprofessional in my opinion.

I don’t understand Alex’s repeated point about tvOS being a horrible experience and “that will come to iOS.” Because that is exactly how iOS works now. If you want to sign up for Netflix, you need to sign up externally, not in the app. And Apple’s rules prohibit giving the user any links or instructions. The only difference is there’s no Keychain built in to tvOS. Apple needs to lower the wall and expand the garden a bit.


Not just Netflix, but eBooks and Audio books on Amazon, Kindle and Audible, for example. None of those apps allows you to buy content (even if you have a book credit in Audible). When I had an iPad and Android phone, it was quicker and easier to put the iPad down and pick up the Android phone and buy the books in the “same” apps there.

Now that I am am using an iPhone, I generally wait until I am at my desk and can buy the books using the browser on my Mac or PC.

I missed the live show, so didn’t hear that.

But the 5-eyes thing, from Alex didn’t make much sense. 5-eyes has been pressuring the US, UK and Oz for a while now, but none of the EU states are in 5-eyes (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK). In fact, the German Government has been pushing for more secure communications for its citizens, using encryption, although the BND and Verfassungsschutz have both been asking for the ability to tap conversations, but the Constitutional Court has thrown out their cases as unlawful at every turn.

The German Finfisher, the company that made the Staatstrojaner (State Trojan) software was wound up last week, after going into insolvency at the end of last year. They were also, allegedly, caught selling the trojan or similar software to hostile nations.


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Rene’s recent assessment on ‘reader’ apps that resell content shouldn’t be charged 30% is spot on. That could be one change Apple could make that would ease a lot of pressure, especially since they are content resellers themselves. Then hopefully apps like Amazon and Netflix can better integrate into the ecos. True, this fight is mostly billionaire v trillionaire companies fighting over money, but the current customer experience is somewhat broken, which is what Alex fails to recognize or propose a better solution.

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Yes, Alex doesn’t seem to realise that most people probably can’t afford 30% more for subscriptions, films, books etc. just for the convenience of going through Apple Pay.

I am happy to use Apple Pay for apps and developers I don’t know. But for those I already have a relationship with, why should I pay Apple a 30% vig for acting as a middle-man I don’t need?

I wanted to express in the strongest possible fashion that what Alex was saying was conspiracy theory. Many people bet their lives on the security of Signal messenger. If there’s any, ANY, reason to suspect it he should tell us, or at least point in a direction to confirm his innuendo. As editorial director of TWiT I can’t let stuff like that pass without comment, any more than I’d let Covid misinformation pass uncorrected.

I’m assuming they bleeped the word “bullshit” if they did anything more to cut that disclaimer out I’d like to know.

UPDATE: The segment was edited out at Alex’s request but without my knowledge. I apologize. That’s not how we do things and I will be reiterating the rules-of-the-road for our staff at the next editorial meeting.


So Alex said something crazy, got pushback on it, and then went behind your back and had your own staff remove it from the final podcast, without your knowledge?


Has that happened any other time on this show? That seems like a major violation of protocol and ethics.