HOM 32: On the Road to Big Sur 3

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A clean install is appealing but I am concerned that the effort outweighs the benefits. In particular, I am worried about my audiobooks of which there are hundreds. Apple truly messed up with the move of audiobooks from iTunes to Books – for example, you cannot edit metadata and there are very limited sorting facilities (show me a library anywhere which sorts books by title or date of acquisition). If I do a clean install will I have to rebuild my Books library or can I copy across the file Library/Containers/com.apple.BKAgentService and preserve the structure I painstakingly built manually in Catalina? Of course, no one will know until Big Sur is available and I don’t have a spare Mac which is Big Sur-compatible to run tests on. So, I expect to delay migration until the errors are fixed and then install “on top” of Catalina to minimize risk.