Haptic Touchpad on MacBook Pro

Hi, I hope this is good place to ask this.
I have a trackpad where the hapitic clicks just don’t work any more. Does anyone know if this is an issue or is mine just broken.
Thanks in advance Mac Gurus

Silly question, I have had scenarios where the haptic feedback will stop all a sudden. Has this happened to you? (I’m guessing not for you) A simple reboot hey seem to bring it back to life… I would say it happens about once a month.

Hey there,
Nothin’ is a silly question. Actually mine is the other way, haptics return about once a month, the rest of the time there is nothing.
I wonder if a complete format might be the way. All Software and controllers back to zero.

OK, it sounds like a hardware Failure
And the fastest way you could test out without taking apart the Mac.
It would be to do a backup of your current OS. Do a fresh install and see if the problem goes away.

Then you’ll know right away.

Indeed. Thanks for the consultation.
Next stop, teardown.