Mac OS Catalina

I can’t wait to see what the release version of Catalina will be like.
Does anyone have any info on what day this month it will be out?
In the meantime, I keep checking my Software Update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I kept reading reports it would be out today, but doesn’t seem like it.

I am up to date with the latest beta. Some tweaks but I think after a few days you may feel not much has changed.

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Thanks tokyotony for your reply , I will continue to keep a lookout for it.

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In case anyone else wanted to know about the new Mac OS
I just got Catalina pushed to me this morning YAY!

Have fun with Catalina!! I’ve been on the beta since Dev Beta 2 and maybe I’m an outlier, but I’ve found it to be great at handling what I throw at it.

The only issue I’ve had is with the game companies that haven’t bothered to update their 32-bit installers even with 3 years warning!!

I’m not sure what it is, but with this years Catalina, iOS and iPadOS I feel like things are a little more magical and in sync when working between the platforms. I know there have been bugs and issues, but I still feel like Apple is closer to making good on it’s promises of synergy.

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Yep - installing it on my iMac Pro right now. The MacBook Air was on the beta so the GM we got a few days ago is still current. Perfect timing for tomorrow’s MBW!

Downloading now…:smiley:

How does it work when you are on the beta… what happens when the finished release comes out?
Are you still on the beta?

I am on the public beta. The update we got a couple of days ago was, apparently, the Gold Master, so no update today.

So do you have to re join a new Beta when the time comes next year that macOS 10.16
is in Beta? Or are still (continuously) in Beta until you opt out?

I hope my question make sense to you?

So I just discovered something about Catalina that I wanted to share with everybody.

So it looks like the double-tap of “FN” button still works if you want just dictation.
However, if you go to System Preferences, go into Accessibility and turn on voiceover, it will give you a Dictation and control over your Mac.

Has anybody else played with this feature?

If you are on the beta, you can follow the instructions online to stop the beta track. Once you do that, you can then go to App Store and download and install the public release version.

Instructions to unenroll from Apple betas (by Apple)

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Thanks Wolfie, very helpful!

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I’m still waiting for Apple to work out all the bugs. I’ll keep checking back on this subject.

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