TTG 1776 for Saturday 6 March 2021

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In this cast, it was noted that you needed a controller to run a Unifi AP. This is not the case.

Unifi access points do not require the use of the Controller. They certainly are easier, but you can run them in stand alone mode. I recently researched this because I had considered moving to pfSense using Unifi APs. I would also consider recommending WIFI 6 devices (e.g. Eero 6, Unifi 6).

Unifi is not a consumer product, despite the fact that consumers want to use it at home, and it is not well designed for your proposed usage. If you don’t cross co-ordinate them then you will have issues with “cross talk.” In essence the control software does a WiFi map, and manages the channels with the base stations so they don’t interfere with each other, and so that hand-off between them works as expected.