Let me target that for you

I was just reading the German version of Techradar and they had an interesting article.

Mid and high end gaming displays sometimes have an option in the on-screen menu to put up a virtual cross-hairs over the displayed image (E.g. Gigabyte Aorus F127Q-X).

For games, like Rust, which don’t have a virtual cross-hairs displayed on the screen, it can be difficult to target properly and can make eliminating enemies in the distance hard. With the virtual cross-hairs, there is no more guessing about where the actual centre of the screen is.

About time the manufacturers caught up to this.

Years ago I did LAN parties with a guy who would tape fishing line to his display with a ball bearing on the end hanging down to the center of the display. He’d digitally zero it in at the beginning of the festivities. He was terrible anyway :joy:

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I have a monitor that does this and it can be quite useful. I have come across the odd game where the cross hair is not actually in the centre of the screen, it’s a few cm higher so didn’t help.

Also as @knewman says there are some old school tricks for this. I’ve used a tiny blob of blu-tac stuck to the centre of my monitor in the past. Whether it made any difference or not is debatable.

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I just found it fascinating, that the monitor manufacturers had built something like this into the OSM.