Leo's Power System

@Leo mentioned his home solar power system on TTG. Would really like to know some details of the system.

Have to admit a long time interest in solar panels and battery storage systems. Had 3kWh panels on previous house with feed-in to local power network. It was really interesting to watch the data from the system, seeing the seasonal variation in power generated, and seeing that 50% of the power generated almost always went back to the grid. And, at $0.06 per kWh fed back to the grid, reduced the possible savings considerably.

Now live in a retirement village running their own electric mini-grid. They have put in over 250 kW of panels, and reduce the price for electricity from the commercial grid to residents with this power. So, now paying $0.16/kWh. That makes putting panels or batteries on individual houses way too expensive.

Here in Australia, most systems isolate the system from the network (anti-island protection) by shutting down the inverter when network power is not available, thus the panels cannot power the house during a blackout. There are inverters available that can provide panel power durning a blackout, but not very common. Battery storage is still priced well above any reasonable payback time frame. The unadvertised feature of many battery systems is the maximum power they can provide at any given time. So, a battery system might provide 7kWh total storage, but might have a 1kW maximum power output. Turning on the oven, a heater, or an air conditioner during a blackout, could easily exceed the batteries capability, and drain the battery quickly.

You may be a fan of Matt https://www.youtube.com/c/UndecidedMF/videos

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