Leo - we find out after your radio show it's okay to us Clorox wipes on your iPhone

The WSJ says, " After years of [being told we cannot—and should not—clean our phones with disinfecting wipes, Apple now says you can. My extensive testing over the last few days proves the same."



Here’s the relevant page from the Apple site - it’s been updated with the info in the grey box about this.

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For years - I spray 409 on a paper towel and wipe my phone down a few times a month. Then, after it dries, I clean the glass with glass cleaner to get rid of streaks

If Apple says it is OK, I would take their stance as well.

This, however, sounds familiar so did Leo already mention this before or did someone else in the media?

I think it was mentioned in the WSJ but I went to the Apple page because it would be more authoritative for most people. Leo and Mikah just showed the Apple page on iOS Today as well.

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Thank you for refreshing my memory. I must have been passively listening to it while tuning in to the stream one day.