Latest IOS Update Killed Internet (Iphone)

Anyone else have the latest IOS update kill Internet connectivity? Cell data or WIFI. On the phone 4 or 5 hours with Apple…no help. Can’t access websites or iTunes. Can make calls and texts…


If you do not see others complaining about this online, then maybe try a factory reset

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Thanks, saw some mention of it online but was hoping there might be some specifics available. Probably will go to Apple Store. Afraid if it won’t connect that it won’t restore either, but then it isn’t doing much good now…

No problems here on 13.3.1 with iPhone Xs.

Have you tried putting the iphone in recovery mode and doing the restore from iTunes?

You could do a backup to iTunes before you try this. But, realise that if you try to restore to the backup, you might re-install whatever is causing your problem.

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No issues here with 13.3.1 on iPhone 11 Pro Max