LastPass Studios!

I have never felt that TWiT’s content was at all shaped by its sponsors.
In fact they’ve often been critical of brands that have sponsored in the past.
Love the idea of sponsoring the studio… not a lot of podcast companies can do this!


I agree with ya there…


why LastPass why not Brave Software

I’m quite thrilled to see this finally happening for them. The entire team at TWiT gives us excellent quality content and LOTS of it…all for FREE to us. I’ve heard many times where they will openly state that the product being mentioned is a sponsor, but also provide recommendations that are NOT a sponsor - all coinciding with the situation of the caller’s needs. These shows are one of the few places with sponsors where you don’t feel like the product or service of the sponsor is being shoved down your throat.

Congratulations TWiT team and thanks for all you do!


Because Lastpass bought it!

We did have another sponsor who wanted it but we felt that LastPass was a better fit. I think it was already sold before Brave started advertising.


I think it’s a great Idea, and great exposure for the studio and Last Pass. Although, we’re I to see something like Fruit of the Loom Studios, It would cause me to pause :grin:


This is about as confusing as Windows 10 20H1 calling it Windows 2004. But I love Last Pass. They’re a good company and necessary to remember my 64 character password. But is it 64 characters or is it more ? I’ll never tell.


A little off topic, but… I wish there was a simpler way of signing in on AndroidTV. Some apps display a code for you to enter into a web browser, but others force me enter a very long password using an onscreen keyboard while reading the password out of LastPass in another device.

Congratulations, I think it’s a great & am proud of You, Lisa, Hosts, Guests & Crew, as well as the of the community that makes up the TWiT family.


I have faith in you and your staff Leo don’t let the naysayers get you worked up.
Those of us that know you and understand your standards know full well you would never let an advertiser influence your content.


Hey Uncle Leo and the whole TWiT Crew!
I think it is a great(smart) idea to get studio (or any room, vehicle etc.) sponsorships so can keep doing all the cool stuff you do! What would cost me, if I wanted to sponsor your refrigerator? Love u guys! Happy New Year!



Listening to this thread via TTS was quite the gruelling experience. Nothing sucks the life out of a conversation like Microsoft Dave.

Anyway, hello again everyone. I know I haven’t been around much lately, but life has been kind of hectic lately.

I just wanted to chime in here and say that I had mixed feelings about this. It wasn’t any worry about editorial control. Full Stop. That never crossed my mind. I know @Leo wouldn’t let that happen. That’s not something that started with TWiT. That’s been his stance all along.

From a branding point-of-view, though, I do wish LastPass would allow it to be referred to as the TWiT LastPass Studios, as was mentioned before. This modified name combination implies a partnership, rather than a claim. This likely won’t be possible, but one could hope.

Whatever the name of the studios that TWiT shows are recorded in, they’re still TWiT shows.

With all of that out of my system, if I am able to make my way down there this year (finances and health permitting) for a visit, I will be disappointed if I’m not required to generate a unique password to be able to get into the front door.

I wish the entire TWiT crew the best for 2020!




Great idea @FilD - henceforth they shall be known as the TWiT Lastpass Studios.


Thanks @Leo !

I’ve heard this already implemented on many shows.

Thanks for taking it into consideration!


Remember?.. I missed those days.


I’m all in favor of this move. Twit provides us all with great content that is enjoyable and fun to watch.


While I love seeing the old pics. I can’t imagine such a cramped space was comfortable for more than a few hours.

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I make up my own good passwords. I have nothing against lastpas or them sponsoring. I’m thankful that advertising pays the bill so I can watch and learn for free.

I think the ads done by Leo are fine. The amount and frequency are ok.
I try and watch free TV - Pluto TV - The same ads in the same order every few minutes. I just get sick of them and turn it off.

And you keep track of them how? And never use the same one twice?