Last Pass Studios

Is Last Pass no longer sponsoring the studios? That sucks. Leo & all the hosts did a fantastic job of talking that up last year. The pandemic is really taking a toll…

On Reach a Tech Audience | Advertise on TWiT Podcasts if you search for “Studio Naming Rights” you’ll see it listed as available. (As well as what it entails.) I presume, like any contract, it has a expiry/renewal time frame and cost, and LastPass has had an ownership change in late 2019 that may have caused them to reconsider their cost structure (when certain types of investors (aka vulture funds) buy a company, they use that company’s assets to leverage them (get them in debt) and then squeeze them hard to extract every penny they can. Not saying this actually happened to the parent company of LastPass, but it does have that sort of appearance.)


Leo has mentioned that LastPass chose to not renew their naming rights contract.

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