LastPass Studios!

So TWiT Studios will be known as LastPass Studios for 2020:


Very very cool folks!!


It’s a confusing branding to me. Is it the TWiT Studios, or is it the LastPass Studios? To me it’s the TWiT Eastside Studios.


It will be LastPass Studios next year. Still TWiT, but LastPass will have the naming rights (sponsorship deal).

A lot of buildings are named like that - where a company pays to have the building named after them.


I know, but I don’t like it. Instead of proudly being TWiT, it’s now gonna be LastPass. In terms of branding, how does that make TWiT stand out? I don’t think it does. I hope it works out well, but I’m not optimistic.


“Welcome to TWiT brought to you from the Last Pass Studios in Sunny Petaluma California”

I don’t see any brand loss there, they are not re-naming the website or company or anything like that.

A sponsorship deal means more funds, which in turn means more shows and (hopefully) better pay for the hosts to entice them to stick around. I hate when people leave.


I can see why TWiT are doing this and I think, for them, it is a good deal.

I just find it sad that things are constantly renamed to fit sponsors. The same goes for sport stadiums, race circuits (E.g. A1-Ring is now the Red Bull Circuit, for me it will always be the A1 Ring) etc. I can see why they do it, but I don’t like it, because it seems like selling out.

That said, in Leo’s and Lisa’s place, I’d probably do the same thing, even though I find the whole sponsorship thing morally reprehensible, because it means they can continue their work, safe in the knowledge that they have the income to do it. It is a moral dilemma and, today, a financial necessity.

I wish consumer LastPass had of stayed independent and more affordable. The tripling of the price is probably the reason LastPass (well LogMeIn Inc really) can afford to spend so much on advertising… but the consumer features on offer are worth $12/year for me, it’s not worth $48/year for me just to have access from my mobile and/or to use a hardware security device. But yay for TWiT collecting some of those extra dollars… I guess.


I’m actually using the free version of LastPass. It does everything I want as a password locker and generator on all my devices.


I was agreeing with everything you were saying until you got to “morally reprehensible.” Really? Please explain.

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Same here. I love it. It’s a wonderful product and I’m glad Leo brought it to my attention.

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My concern is if LastPass will some day influence TWIT content. Allow only what LastPass wants to broadcast. I would be very uncomfortable with watching shows that have controlled opinions about tech news from guests and hosts. In my Humble Opinion, LastPass ( as any corporation ) will tinker with content at TWIT. I hope it will be for the good.

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Leo has stated on air within the last week that he would never allow sponsors to influence show content.


Why would I allow that? It would destroy the value of our content. LastPass didn’t buy the company. They bought advertising.

If I could do TWiT for free I would but we do have to pay our employees, the rent, the electric, and a considerable amount for web services. Every time you download a show it costs me money. We tried the subscription route in the early days. It didn’t cover the rent. The only way TWiT works is as an ad supported network.

I have very strict editorial rules to insulate content from advertisers. Advertisers understand and support that because they know our credibility is key to our continued success.

It’s insulting to me and our excellent journalists that you think we would let anyone dictate or even influence our content. I know we live in sadly corrupt times but not here. Never here.


Leo, its comforting to see what you wrote and what you have said but its human nature to think that there could be influence. You can’t buy a Miller beer at Busch Stadium in St Louis. Some might think it will be difficult for a host on Twit to refer someone to 1Password while sitting in the LastPass Studios. I believe most of us believe you but, again, its not surprising some would doubt.
For me, I will continue to be a loyal listener of your network. I have been following you since the early Screensavers days. I enjoy the heck out of your Podcasts. Have a wonderful Holiday season.


I have heard Leo recommend many products that were NOT from a sponsor, when it was a comparable product. I think everything will be fine.


I do it all the time and will continue to do so. Please don’t insult us. (Incidentally for many people BitWarden is better than either LastPass or 1Password.)

I don’t think you guys understand how undermining it is to assume we would be swayed by an advertiser’s dollars. Advertising is advertising; editorial is editorial, and never the twain shall meet.


Boy- I must have written this incorrectly. I wasn’t saying I was upset or thinking you would not be fair. I was saying I can see why some people might think that way. As I said, I have been a longtime fan and will continue to be. BTW, I don’t use 1password.


I understand - but I really try to nip any insinuation like this in the bud. It would kill TWiT if people thought our judgement was for sale. Remember what I told Mike Arrington when he implied my review of the Palm Pre was influenced by getting a review unit. (And this is why we spend a ton of money buying gear for review.)

For further proof, check out my longstanding password manager recommendations in my email signature:


While I’m not a fan of “naming rights”, I trust that Leo and the rest of the Twit staff will continue to use their best judgement with regard to product recommendations/suggestions. I would also assume that if LastPass begins to put pressure on Leo to not recommend other products that he will rethink the relationship.