Lastpass integration

yet again i have created an account and had lastpass generate the password but the account creation is missed by lastpass. then i have to get the password reset and this time lastpass picks up the password. is there something odd about the account generation that isn’t always getting detected?

Sometimes, depending on how the site create’s an account (some java popup usually i think or whatever it is) I have run into this, so what i do for a just in case, set username then generate password and hit the copy button for pass. Then once it has finished I will log out and log back in, so If lastpass fails to autofill I have that password copied so I can just paste it in, and lastpass will save it then.


i have done that in the past. it seems to behave long enough that i figure the issue has been resolved. then i stop copying the password. then it starts happening again. it is very frustrating. just no consistency. if lastpass can detect that a password needs to be generated it seems some better smarts can be programmed in.

If LP notices the username and password fields on the registration page then they should be properly tagged for LP to pick them up when you submit. It would be nice if LP gave you an indication that it was going to register the new password before you hit submit.

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that seems to be the problem. lastpass has no idea about the interaction. maybe something is hiding it from lastpass. but it picks it up when i change the password. perhaps lastpass should just cache the last generated password. then i could add the site manually. or the registration process should be more transparent.

If you’re on desktop there should be a “save all entered data” option in the tools menu of the extension. I haven’t tried this yet but it looks like an alternate way to add new passwords without that particular drawback.

i’ll give that a try next time if i remember. but it seems to me that if lastpass knows about the data it should save it automatically, right? would it make sense for lastpass to know data has been entered but not detect the submit button press? maybe something at the web application level is hiding that data exchange and button press from lastpass. certainly annoying and inconsistent behavior. it would be nice for lastpass to indicate that it will not be able to save data entered on a web form. the problem is not noticed until after the submit button has been used. and i’m not in the habit of capturing every password that lastpass generates because i have the expectation it will do the right thing. clearly my expectation isn’t warranted. but next time, if i can remember, i’ll look for the save data option and see how that works for me.

thanks for the suggestion.

It does. Or it should, anyway. I have a bug with this in Firefox, I am currently fighting with LastPass to get addressed. Here is the picture I literally just sent them 10 minutes ago.

It generates the password, it saves the password, but it truncates it and there appears to be no useful way to interact with the history.

I have had plenty of issues with LastPass being buggy as hell of late… I think their quality control is on the decline, or they’re just trying to do too many things these days, and not many of them are being done well. Capturing, saving and filling passwords HAVE to work EVERY time or people won’t trust the product and there go your users.

a key selling feature of a password manager is seamless integration. if i have to remember to copy passwords before i submit them then the application is not working well. if you can’t access the complete password this, too, is an issue.