Just When You Think It Isn't Gonna Work Out

The last +week has seen my inboxes/notifications be filled with discussions around street photography. Woolz and I spoke a little about it this week so stay tuned for more discussion on it via #FOP. As a matter of fact, a future episode will feature awesome street photographer Mr. Kenneth Hines, Jr. Anyway, all of the chats and emails I’ve had this week reminded me of a day I went out to shoot and when I got to the area, I wasn’t thrilled. Hopefully this video will help you to keep going out and clicking the shutter.


Thanks, @ant_pruitt. I didn’t know you had your own YT channel, but now I do and you have a new subscriber.

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Thanks, @TropicalGary. I will eventually upload there more regularly. Hope the content there is helpful or at the very least entertaining. :fist_right:t5::tumbler_glass:

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