JBL Link Music speaker

My Google Nest Mini that I got in 2019 is getting a warranty replacement even though I got it free from Google as a YouTube Premium subscriber.

To fill the void of having no smart speaker, I bought. JBL Link Music speaker as it was being heavily discounted (A$68 at Harvey Norman). Works just as well as the Nest Mini and the sound is many time better - fills the main living area of my apartment for sure and has better bass.

I am tempted to go out and get another as these will work as a stereo pair when paired in The Google Home app.

Also, it has AirPlay 2 which works well too.

I am well pleased.


You know, I’m not sure I’ve ever bought a JBL product that I wasn’t satisfied with. I don’t know why but I don’t really associate the brand with good quality which is totally unfair to them. The JBL bluetooth headset I’ve got has worked perfectly for 5 years with great sound quality. I’ll have to check out the link music speaker.

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There’s a whole range of them. This is the small one that I have. I’m guessing there’s a clearance on them as this was $100 off.

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