Is the future if AI and conversational interfaces dependent on structured content?

Does AI have the potential to interpret web content and web app content fully, or does there need to be a significant web content shift to structured headless cms solutions that could be easily parsed by AI?

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I was crest-fallen to watch SOAP languish, because it did essentially that. Good enough AI can do either, of course, but if you’re asking which will come first, I think that the short-sightedness of content producers and the even shorter-sightedness of consumers will ensure that something more generalized like Siri Intents will achieve the kind of thing you seem to mean long before outlets from which its information is gleaned would ever adopt formal interoperability, sadly.


Helpful perspective, thank you. Given your comments, I am thinking that the lift needs to be in making as much of web content and applications WCAG compatible as possible. That at least has wider value for content creators. An accessible site makes its content available to the widest range of users, including AI.