Is Clean My Mac necessary?

Does Clean My Mac do anything that my Mac doesn’t normally do to keep it “clean”? My subscription is ending and wondering if perhaps it’s not worth the $40/ year.

I think most of these sorts of things are placebo. Pay for it if it doesn’t do harm and makes you feel better. My guess is it can’t do much… how much “garbage” are you regularly bringing onto your Mac anyway? Like where is it coming from?

The other option is cancel it, and see in n months if you can tell a difference. If you can’t tell a difference then leave it cancelled… if you do notice a difference, then make a decision at that point.


I would say no.
Mac OS has its own cleaning function.

Click on the apple in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
Click on about this mac
Click on storage
Click on manage storage
Click on Review files next to reduce clutter.


Yes, but this is fairly new. Older macOS and OS X didn’t have these features like today.

@tokyotony: Consider SetApp. At least when I checked it was included, and it gives you a lot for it’s money. But 40 USD for CleanMyMac alone - no go unless you have specific needs.