IOS 599: Shortcuts with Matthew Cassinelli

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Mikah, I am re-watching IOSToday and trying to learn shortcuts on the Mac at the same time. The shortcut that you talked about that copies the files for the show for you; can you just add to the end of the shortcut to goto and open up the folder where you files should be copied to. wouldn’t that further automate things for you? also is there a copy/verify that would report back if the files could not be copied for some reason, etc.

BTW I am trying to see if I can create a shortcut to goto the Build menu item in VS code and then when that is done Building my Firmware save the Firmware.bin file for my 3D printer to my SD card. And if that does not work Just to automate the process of copping the Firmware.bin file to the SD card.

Have you looked at OctoPrint and the firmware updater plugin? If not, that would definitely be an improved workflow. Personally I’d solve this problem the other way, watch the folder for new bin files and then copy them over :wink: