IOS 568: Our Favorite iOS 15 Features

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Great episode @RosemaryOrchard and @mikahsargent! I really like the idea of the Focus Modes, but I’m realizing that I have very few notifications; I only connect with a small number of people on a regular basis; and most critically, I have a separate work phone-- so tuning that out is as simple as muting the phone or just leaving it at home. We have a few Android users in the family so I’m looking forward to trying out FaceTime links. I hope this means we can ditch Zoom and Facebook Messenger.

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Just looked at messages on my iPhone, I have 2 from my carrier, from when I set up my phone, one from Apple and 4 saying I missed a phone call (spam calls).

From listening, I got the impression that only the Apple user can initiate a Facetime call? Nobody can contact you, if they don’t have an Apple device.

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That’s right; which is fine for my use case. These are all small group calls where my kids or I need to round up everyone first to see if they’re ready. But now once everyone is ready we can just send a FaceTime link.

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I just think this is a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. -JUST MY OPINION. If I need to NOT be disturbed, I just used Do Not Disturb or I turn off my phone. I deleted all of the focus modes and just have one Do Not Disturb, like I had on my iPhone before iOS 15- Just sayin’

There are times where it can be useful, like being on call. You set everything to blocked, apart from the support desk number(s) and mail address, for example. They will still ring in the middle of the night, but everything else remains silent.

I can see some uses for it. Likewise in a meeting, calls from your boss could get through in an emergency, but nothing else.

Similarly, my wife’s employer doesn’t allow private messages or phone calls during work time, so blocking social media and non-work numbers, for example, would be a boon in such a situation - although in her case, the phones have to be left in their lockers, so that is moot for her specific circumstance.

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I think you need to add “for me” to this sentence. As @big_D notes there are different times/places where you might want to be selective about what/who you allow to disturb you. My wife uses her personal device for work, and I would love for her to create a focus mode where work-related notifications do not come through on weekends.

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You’re right. I meant for me.

Having a tough time understanding focus mode, I mean I get it but it’s basically DND, I saw someone that had it set automatically when they get to church it goes on. I understand that and makes sense. But how are other people using it? I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to use it.