Intriguing Health App

Heard about and installed what I found to be an intriguing health app called Together by Renee. Available in US iOS app store.

Has a feature called Vitals. You aim selfie camera at face for 60 seconds and it provides vital readouts including pulse rate, breathing rate, blood ox level and blood pressure. Now I generally have normal blood pressure, and low pulse rate. It gets both pretty close compared to wrist cuff BP and Apple Watch PR readings, but still can’t compare blood pressure to something high. Really surprised this can all be done using smartphone camera.

Much easier to use then BP cuff and finger based readings.

Can’t find any info on this tech.

And so far it is free. Seems like this could be pretty big if readings prove to be fairly accurate.

‘It works by analyzing the blood vessels in your retina.’

According to this article…

New app uses a selfie to measure your vitals (

Understand that.

I guess i’m hoping for some info on how good it is for BP. Can’t tell if mine doesn’t vary much.

I’d keep that skepticism close at hand until there’s been any proper testing on this method. The only “reporting” on this app that I’ve been able to find are all just regurgitated press releases.

Though not as useful as a smartwatch capability to perform BP testing, seems like a useful portable health tool if it is dependable.