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There are multiple iOS apps that export Health data as a CSV file. What I want is a desktop app that will import the CSV and create useful output. Example, I capture blood pressure readings morning, sometimes noon, and evening. Now take all my blood pressure readings and display a graph showing morning, mid-day, evening. Realize this could be done within Excel using VBA but I’d rather find an app from someone who has already done the hard work.

I’d also like some more visualization options but I imagine privacy concerns/legislation put some constraints on this. An Excel workbook isn’t a bad idea, or Power BI. There are some big Excel communities out there and I would not be at all surprised if someone hasn’t already built something that could be helpful. There are also a lot of diabetics; there must be some overlap of diabetic Excel enthusiasts.

This may be of interest— but perhaps a little too technical:
How to Export, Parse and Explore Your Apple Health Data with Python | Mark Koester (

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@ChrisKez the Mark Koester link certainly has a boat-load of usefulness. The graph examples are exactly the kind of thing I am needing. My goal is to present daily BP readings to my cardiologist so he has better insight rather than making prescription decisions based on my office visit reading. Still hoping someday the Apple Watch will magically record BP and a mobile app does the visualization. is a product mentioned in the Mark Koester link. One of those don’t look at the price before watching their demo video. $840 :frowning: