Accurate home blood pressure monitor

Any suggestions on an accurate home blood pressure monitor with Bluetooth to connect to phone to transfer data? Thanks.

I’ve always used Omron. My GP uses them too.

The readings sync via Bluetooth and they have their own app to look at the graphs, generate pdf reports etc. On Android, it also syncs with Google Fit/Samsung Health, plus they have their own cloud sync. Never tried the app on iOS.

Mine’s the M7. You can pay a subscription and it analyses heart rate too, checks for afib.


I also use Omron. Withings makes one but I don’t think it’s as accurate. My Doc prefers Omron, too. Gotta get that fancy new one though!

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Thanks. I bought the platinum one. Coming in a few days.

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It’s called a sphygmomanometer – an unforgettable word. Doesn’t everybody learn that word from their geeky HS vocabulary study lists, or are such things no longer studied?

FWIW, I agree with the Omron recommendation.


I learnt it, when I learnt German.

The book I was using said that German words were a mess and the German Blutdrückmessgerät (Blood pressure measurement device) was the incredibly bad German word for Sphygmomanometer. :rofl:

I use a Panasonic “dumb” device and manually enter the stats into Apple Health. It cost about half of what the Omron costs. (I already had the device, long before I got an iPhone and started using Health)

How do the Omron devices cope with multiple people using it? Does it pair to each phone individually?

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Mine supports 2 people plus a guest mode, where it doesn’t record or sync the reading. It’s that toggle switch with a person on it.

Each profile is linked to a separate Omron account, so you could either logout/login on the same phone, or have the app on two phones with different accounts.

Withings makes one but I don’t think it’s as accurate.

I tried an early Withings one too. It wasn’t that easy to use, all the electronics was actually on the arm cuff and gave an error more times than actually taking a reading, so I returned it. Might be better now.

I have a Greater Goods and is 30 points higher than what my doctor measures or even a cheap CVS one my wife has.

I looked at the Omron options on, and then looked on Interestingly NOTHING lists for me on, so they must be intentionally blocking it. (Usually I could order most things, at extra shipping cost, from the US Amazon site, but of late I have noticed this blocking behaviour combined with them “lying” about no stock (when my American friend looks, he see lots of stock.)) Also interesting is the “Platinum” option is not available in Canada, but the other options seem to be. Weirdly, the higher price seems to be on the Silver model, with the Gold model being very similar in price but lower.