Insane Skype Tune

I was looking for the Skype remixes @Leo was playing on Windows Weekly. While I did find them, I also tripped over this.

My brain has now melted.


Be careful about getting lost in the dark forest in YouTube… You may have heard of Rule 34 and I am starting to believe there needs to be a Rule 81 that states “You will find a remix of any song or theme on YouTube, no exceptions”


If you are of a certain vintage this might trigger a few memories:

+1 for rule 81! The ICQ one brings back some memories too.

Yes, I remember ICQ very, very well. Used it all the time

Flipping channels I saw some Friends, and was reminded of the music video of “Smelly Cat” ( and then decided to put Rule 81 to the test… was not disappointed ( LOL

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