Enterprise Chromebooks

Looks like pretty soon, we’ll be seeing some better quality Chromebooks coming. Both Dell and HP have announced Enterprise level Chromebooks.

Admittedly, I don’t care to spend more than $500 for a Chromebook. I do have two that are listed for $599, but I got one for $450 and one for $399… Just waiting for Best Buy sales.

But, I am not a fan of the super cheap ones. Should be interesting to see what the price point will be on these new, upcoming models.

I am happy to see the Chrome OS continue to grow in sales, though.

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I paid the extra for a the Work version since it had twice and much RAM (8GB over 4GB) and spill proof keyboard. Since you can’t add anything other then SD or USB, getting as much RAM as you can is important especially as much of a pig Chrome is with it.

I thought I might upgrade my Asus Chromebox from 4GB to 8GB when I first got it. But, I have not found that I needed it.

I’m actually researching the possibility of switching to a Chromebook for my “on the go” computing from a Surface Pro 3 as I just don’t do enough (anymore) to justify the full-blown Windows experience. I mostly use my SP3 for work, so an “enterprise grade” Chromebook may be worth looking into.