How much do you miss Delphi?

I used to love Delphi back in the days when it was still a Borland product. Those were, of course, different times, there were seemingly less choices for languages in general, and almost no choices for good free languages/compilers. Unfortunately I don’t feel Embarcadero has been a good steward for the Borland products–most importantly because they’ve made the product unaffordable for most people. (Thankfully they have since come around to offering a free, unsupported, version of Delphi and C++ Builder if you meet some restrictions.)

In any case, I would recommend anyone who remembers Delphi (or maybe even Visual Basic) with any fondness should check out:

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Haha, I used Delphi for my last job some 3 and a bit years ago. A rather old version of Delphi too. It was used for the front end of an application and the back end was written in C# and some service libraries written in C++.

I don’t really miss Delphi. I only ever used it in that job. Before using Delphi, I had used its predecessor Borland Turbo Pascal twenty years previous, when I was a student.

I used Turbo Pascal 1.0 in high school on a NCR clone of the IBM XT. It seemed sooooooo fast! I purchased a Delphi license in the late 90’s… I think it’s Delphi 6.0. I think I spent about $300 at the time… that was when it was still affordable before Embarcadero took over. I think it even came with a free license for Kylix, which was basically Delphi for Linux.

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Never used it, I played wt Visual BASIC…