HOW 11: Kokoon Headset For Better Sleep

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Just watch out for typos with where the 2nd “o” goes in that brand name…

Great interesting show and an honest review of a fundamental flawed headphone product.
I have a $98 Fitbit Inspire HR.
It also tracks my sleep and gives me a daily and weekly sleep score out of 100.
My weekly average is 81, my best ever daily score is 89.
Its super comfortable to wear, it weighs almost nothing.
It calculates my resting pulse when I’m asleep (57ish).
I have used the Fitbit Inspire HR for 6 months.
I am now certain that my rest pulse is related to my stress levels.
I am now certain that a good nights sleep is easier for me to achieve because I can learn from my previous poor scores.
I worked shift work for 15 years so good sleep hygiene has become an essential part of my life (post shift working)
Things that trigger poor sleep for me (your milage may differ):

Lack of daily exercise; I walk 15,000 steps per day. If I get less than 3000 steps I sleep badly.
Caffeine from coffee is fine before noon but afternoon/evening coffee wrecks my sleep.
Stress, any bad situation stuck on my mind.
Alcohol: 1 or 2 beers in the afternoon or early evening is ok but any alcohol within 2 hours of bedtime wrecks my sleep.
Food: similar to alcohol a normal evening meal at 18:00 is fine but a large meal later in the evening also spoils my sleep.
Chinese food gives me bad dreams it might be the MSG.

I look forward to another product review of Fitbit, Apple Watch etc from a sleep or rest pulse perspective.
Thanks David

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