Hotel rates have at least doubled since before covid?

Is it just me (and my poor hotel-fu) or have rates for hotels really at least doubled or more since before covid (2019)? I used to be able to get a 3.5 star hotel in downtown Montreal for 2 nights for 2 or 3 guests for under $240 a night. Now a 2 night stay at any recognizable brand seems to be coming in at $900+ total, and doesn’t include any of the perks like free breakfast.

Does anyone have any good hints for getting a lower price (for a Canadian?) I’ve tried Expedia and Trivago and Priceline (spoilering to avoid search optimization/free advertising for them) but it hasn’t helped.

I guess maybe I’m just cheap, but I don’t want to spend more than $500Cdn (all in with taxes and fees) for a weekend… but it looks like that is no longer possible. I did wonder if maybe last second booking might be better priced (which is counter-intuitive if true) because maybe with these high prices they’re running closer to empty and would welcome a lower price rather than leave a room empty.)


We have noticed hotel rates in the US are significantly higher than 2019 and the same for airline fares. It is hard for me to understand but they are still short of workers in the travel industry. Wish I could give any helpful suggestions!

At $900+, I wouldn’t call it a free breakfast. wow