Horizon Workrooms by Facebook

Horizon Workrooms by Facebook is a solution in search of a problem. IT WILL FAIL and take its place right beside Google Glass as the greatest flops in tech history.

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Thing is, I can see a case or cases for Google Glass - especially as it got refined and reduced in size and increased in capabilities.

Oculus has been at this VR stuff for how many years now? VR itself has been around for how many years now? I just don’t see how it can make for a productive solution to business problems.

It always has been and always will be an entertainment device.

Yes, it replaces actual, visible people with avatars, which can’t show the nuances of facial expression and body language. It is hard enough doing a meeting with video, where a lot of the body language is missing, but strip out the facial expression as well and you might as well have an audio call…

Glass is like the Microsoft HoloLens, it has some great features for use in industry. But Google pushed it as a thing for everybody. That was a poor call. Out in public, with its camera, it is an invasion of privacy and people were attacked for wearing it. If they had aimed it at similar groups to those that HoloLens is aimed, it might have succeeded, but the early negative press killed it.