HOP 179: Mental Health and Photography

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Hey @ant_pruitt loved the segment, entirely opposite to what I thought it was, about a decade ago I had a series of heart attacks and after surgery ended up with a 6 month period of getting fit again. Landscape photography and a spaniel were the key to keeping my mid focused on getting fitter, daily walks with dog and camera kept my mind in a good space.

This still happens today, although now I’m fighting old age and have a bigger dog! She usually wakes up with the sunrise and could probably walk for ever, first thing in the morning the world is so quiet and peaceful and often the light is brilliant. I don’t take the photographs for anyone other than me, but I love the results. Stay cool…

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I loved this episode. I’ve always considered photography beneficial to my mental health. When I’m out taking pictures I have to be in the moment in order to frame the shot and set the exposure. Getting all that other stuff out of my head for even an hour feels great! However, I can easily see how burnout could be a problem.

The second story particularly resonated with me. I don’t do photography to make money or become famous. I do it because I enjoy it. I hope others enjoy my photographs, but it’s not going to make it break my hobby. One personal project I’m looking to do is inspired by another of my passions, music. Specifically taking song titles or lyrics and creating them as photographs.


Great story. My dogs are early risers too. Thank you for watching/listening to the show, sir. :fist_right:t5:

Sounds like a creative and interesting project. I don’t know if I’m clever enough for that. :laughing: Thank you for watching or listening to the show, sir. :fist_right:t5: