HOP 138: We're Not Perfect Photographers

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I’ve not had that problem, but I always do the same as you, I always leave the door open, when there is no card in the camera. I also, generally, upload the images, then slap the card back in, or as I take one card out, I put another one in. I also always keep the cards in my bag.

My granddaughter had a free baptism (not church based) last weekend and I got some really wonderful photos of the kids playing in the garden on the Sony. :+1:

Got some really stunning photos of the kids playing with bubbles, unfortunately, I don’t have the parents permission to post the images online. But the Sony made absolutely stunning images of the bubbles - series shot mode and taking the best image is the way to go. The iPhone also made some spectacular HDR videos of the bubbles.

I also switched to Luminar for photo cataloging and minor editing. I had used Capture One on my Windows PC for a while, but I wasn’t using it enough to warrant the monthly cost. Luminar is reasonably priced and its AI did some really good work, lightening faces in shadow, as the kids were wearing hats.


Oh nice. THANKS for watching. Yeah C1 seems to be losing people because of costs. I get it.

I’m really looking forward to hearing/seeing some of the community “oops” moments :smile: