HOP 101: Getting Started With Wildlife Photography

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Thanks for this, @ant_pruitt ! Thinking about wildlife photography every once in a while but the bulky equipment keeps me away… Maybe I should give it another go.

Also came to say kudos for making this video for the pure reason that wildlife photography will have a calming and zen like quality to it - especially at the very early, quiet morning. It will be enticing just to “be in the moment” and enjoy it rather than setting up a camera filming yourself “being in the moment” to share the experience with and encourage us. “Sharing is caring” - especially of great ways to unwind - thanks! :slight_smile:


THANKS so much for watching and sharing this with me, sir. :blush:
I’ve always found Lensrentals to be really convenient for me to get shots/jobs done without me having to spend a bunch of money then realizing I don’t like the experience the equipment brought me. Example, I almost bought a lens because it was the “older” model. I rented it and one of it’s newer models. It was NIGHT AND DAY in the experience for me. I HATED the older one and would have lost money on Ebay.

I do enjoy the morning walks and the views I am fortunate to enjoy. In North Carolina, we had a deer family in our backyard each day. Didn’t think I’d be luck enough to have even MORE deer at my disposal here at our place in NorCal.


Have you spoken with the deer? Do they have southern accents? They may have followed you from Cakalacki!! :joy:

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Lol! Stop it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
You ain’t right

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I blame the Marine Corps!!!:joy:

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