HOA 0: Welcome to Hands-On Android

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

What are your thoughts about today’s show? We’d love to hear from you!


@Leo @PDelahanty we need a new entry in the hierarchy for this new show please.

Looking forward to the show. When will it be possible to subscribe via Podcast Republic?

I’m on mobile right now (and until late tonight), so I probably shouldn’t muck with the settings from my phone. :sweat_smile:


In theory, you should be able to copy the RSS URL and subscribe in anything.

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@Leo or @PDelahanty just a ping on this need for a new entry in the show hierarchy.

So the first of the new shows was basically a reboot of iFive and the 2nd is basically a reboot of Android App Arena (even uses the same theme music) but both more focused on just one topic per episode and not just apps.

Makes me wonder what the next 2 of the 4 new shows might be if the first 2 are basically just bringing back podcasts they previously got rid of cause they wanted to not have duplication between shows (they got rid of both since iOS Today and AAA already covered the same stuff originally). If we continue down this “reboot” trend, I really hope one of the next ones is a gaming show (and this time, don’t go so all out that it has to end after only like 12 episodes cause budget)

Figured it out in about half the time as the last time I did it. :slight_smile:


It appears it did not get included in the Apple Podcasts “All TWiT.tv Shows (Video Lo)” firehose playlist that I’m subscribed to.

Our new shows aren’t being included in that feed because there is no “Video LO” (or “Video HI”) version being created. More on this here:

TL;DR The “Video LO” and “Video HI” versions of the “All TWiT.tv Shows” and “Radio Leo” feeds will soon be redirected to the “Video HD” feed. We won’t have four versions of each of these feeds anymore.