HN 451: COVID-19: The Doctors Are In The House!

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I follow and like ham nation very much. BUT I have a problem with “Dr” Harry Przekop, This guy is so inarticulate I am surprised if he could finish a single meaningful sentence How could he be an MD?.

HERE is Harry’s line at 15:01 " …so there’s a lot of misapprehension of patients that we see that are doing ridiculous things, case in point: I’ve seen a patient that injected Lysol, not a good thing. That is not a good thing to take care of this virus…"

Where did Harry “see” this patient? In what official capacity was Harry performing? Or did he “see” a tabloid magazine in some Quick-Check somewhere?

So I researched, and it looks like Harry is not an MD at all. Where did HE go to medical school? He didn’t . He has a BS in Physics. and then Radiation Therapist, I guess you could say he’s a Medical Imaging Physicist. His specialty is Playing Bass Guitar and medical “imaging”?, trauma photography? He’s an Ambulance chaser? And he doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he hates Trump. Which means he hated ME. Is he just another wacky Professor,?

Constructive Criticism:

Follow Rule # 1: Keep politics out of your show or LOOSE half your audience, unless you don’t care like late night comedy shows. Think about how THAT will “improve the conversation”.

FYI: There has been NO REPORT of anyone injecting disinfectant with exception of the UK Sun tabloid story of a wrestler who also spit flaming gasoline on a Covid 19 gravestone.

Don’t sully your reputations by have this crackpot pretending he’s a MD on your show, even if he may be a friend and good base player.

Sincerely yours
pete holmes, n2exg And I am not a doctor.

Here is what Harry’s linked-in page says:

Prof. Harry Przekop

Physician Associate, Med.Physicist ,Accident/ Medical Photographer,FF Investigator

Professional Bass Player 45 years Session and Touring top 100 Groups. Now Bass Player ArcAngel , Production Publishing Mind Meld and Przekop Ranch
Professor Physics FermiLab , Professor Emeritus Argonne Newton Project
Professor,Physicist,FF-OFI-FPB Arson/Technical -Accident Investigator Imaging Photographer, FEMA Medical Cert.,
Past Photographic ConSultant CFD -FPB.
Active in 5-11 Club/CFD.
Member NFPA Multi Cert.
License Amateur Radio Operator
Past President MARCO emergency Amateur Radio Physician Group.
Director At Large MARCO. Bass Player 40years, Consultant Law Firms
Expert Acoustic and Production Sound