HMD (Nokia) just casually announced a global data service plan?

HMD, the company that makes Nokia phones, had an online thing to announce what they had planned at MWC this year, and I admit, I skipped ahead because I wanted to see the latest and greatest. I was so focused on the 8.3, I ignored the 5G stuff.

Android Police, though, was paying better attention. HMD announced a global data roaming plan.

So, I went back and watched it again, and yup. It’s their own little network. Neat! It starts at 5:50 in the YouTube clip…

This is what Microsoft and a few smaller players were doing for their own devices.

Good deal because it means we can now choose our own buckets and price plans in Canada on any carrier even if it’s a roaming agreement. It also means I don’t have to worry what I buy and how it works.

If only Apple figured it out and followed the lead.

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