Hiding PIN numbers on Android 12

I got my first ever Android device (Pixel 5) and have a question about PIN unlocking…
I have a disability and cannot use the finger print reader, so need to use the PIN. However, as you enter the PIN it shows the numbers as you enter them(!). Even if it is for less than a second, this makes me uncomfortable.
Is there a way to make it not do that? (ie like the iPhone)
Thanks in advance.

There used to be a setting called ‘make passwords visible’ under the security settings. It’s still there in Android 11, not sure about 12.


In case you haven’t found it yet, it’s under PrivacyShow passwords.

I tested it, and it seems the highlighting of the buttons could still be a bit of an issue, so you might want to also go to AccessibilityText and displayRemove animations. I would test it yourself to see if the delay the animation causes with the button highlight is a real issue though. The buttons do still highlight with the setting on, but only while your finger is on the button.


Thank you so much - that was perfect!