Google Stadia Muck-Up

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I’m going to be honest, I don’t think Stadia will be a success. I pre-ordered simply because I wanted to reserve my preferred handle so it’s the same as on other networks (like Steam and PSN.) Apparently those who join later will be forced into a naming pattern like JoeBloe123 where the numeric portion is required.

Anyway, I dithered for a long time on whether I should order or not… because like I said, I don’t really think it will end up mattering in the end. I finally broke down once they announced the actual debut date, and made an order.

They have been surprisingly uncommunicative about the order, but they did mail me a link to check on it the same time I placed it. So I just checked that link, to find out:

Ordered Oct 14
Not yet delivered
Delivered by 27–28 Nov

Like WTF Google?! Don’t take pre-orders when you KNOW you can’t fulfill them as expected… So now I have to decide if I want to cancel it. I’m kind of hoping they’ll email me a code to reserve my name early, even before I have the hardware… and then I can reserve my user ID and then cancel the order for my hardware. If they want to screw me, I’ll screw-em right back.

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I don’t know what the actual release date is/was. But a pre-order means it will take time to be delivered, once the stock is available.

I ordered a book in September, it isn’t due to arrive until December 1, because it was a pre-order.

Wish Stadia was available in Australia.

The internet is not as bad as everyone says it is…

The debut date is Nov. 19th. This was known when I placed my order. So it appears they took my money knowing they were going to ship late to me because they had deliberately over-committed.

Leo has this problem all the time, from what he has said on The Tech Guy… Waiting on new iPhones after he orders one online.

That is kinda the way it is when ordering a prerelease tech item, I think. Sorry.

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